I am Design & Build Log Houses and Wooden Houses from and to the Future. Europe, Беларусь, Україна.
Сергей Озёрный. Связаться со мной удобнее всего по электронной почте: hibara.net[собака]gmail.comOnce upon a time there was my personal phone number. The quantity of calls (including from different time zones) has exceeded all conceivable and unimaginable limits. I had to abandon the convenient and simple greedy accessibility in favor of easy creative misanthropy. Write letters to me, it is always interesting.

In addition, I verwhelmingly love questions (even idiotic), send to me photos of everything wooden, funny and interesting. We will explore, study and comment together.

The warmest of all possible wooden houses – Wooden beams by Sergey Ozerny.

Самый тёплый сруб – Полубрус ОзёрногоLarge-caliber log cabin.

Срубы Сергея ОзёрногоIt’s time to get to know me better. Selfie – «I’m 33 today…»

В тот момент, когда вы мне пишете или звоните, выгляжу обычно так. Зачем вам это?For those who strive for steep modern log cabin construction –  the luminous columns by Ozerny.

Для тех, кто любит погорячее – светящиеся колонны Сергея Озёрного.


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