1. DIMON said:

    I think now it is possible in any language. Those who read your blog will continue to do so)))

    • Сергей Озёрный said:

      Yeah! You can read easily.
      It is more difficult to capture shades of the author’s phrases and intonations.

  2. Optimus said:

    In current blog or you’ll create new one?

    • Сергей Озёрный said:

      I’am was create new blog (for English speaking audience) about one year ago. But, until today, I’ve been lazy to give attention for this blog.

      Clearly, I can’t devote so much time for two blogs.

      Now the scales will fluctuate between:

      — My laziness (to entertain the fools in russian (belarus) language for the old blog)


      — Working for the real interests of the civilized audience of the Western world (fame and new future for the author)

      And yes — many thanks for asking, my dear and unknown friend.

  3. Melodee said:

    Ⅾaddy wins!? The twins declared.

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